dano-dna : digi-art-shirts 

Once upon a time I, Dan Osmundson, hand-painted T-shirts (and still do for astronomical sums) - some of the shirts you see here are elegant, simplified versions of many of my original T-shirts that I converted to vector art and some are scanned or photographic conversions of the originals (and yet others are derivative of oil paintings and drawings, with some creations from digital photo manipulations), for your enjoyment, to adorn the garments of your choice. Also visit my art/design website: dano-dna.com

Please keep in mind that my commission on any of these shirts is only 3- 5 dollars each. Spreadshirt takes the rest, and rightly so, for their cost incurred for hosting, printing, processing, etc.
-Me, Dan Osmundson 

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Who's Early? 

Men's Premium T-Shirt
$ 22.40

Scenic Picnic - short sleeve 

Men's Heavyweight T-Shirt
$ 26.40

Scenic Picnic - long sleeve 

Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt
$ 31.90

Hot Sun, Strong Man, Melting Trees 

Men's Heavyweight T-Shirt
$ 32.90